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Re: Equality

Postby Proofrdr » 01 May 2016, 11:22

Trump! He is a Hitleresque demagogue. I'm at the point that I cannot tolerate listening to him for more than a few minutes. His demagoguery, misogyny, and the demeaning name-calling disgust me. There is absolutely no substance to what he says. When asked how he will accomplish something, he says "Don't worry, it'll be great, fantastic" and then he veers away from the topic.

He never answers a question fully. He says he won't explain how he will defeat ISIS because he doesn't want to telegraph his plans. This is all BS. He knows nothing about foreign policy and his "deal-making" in governing this country won't be able to include the neat little ways he used bankruptcy law to walk away from his business failures with a pocketful of money while thousands of his employees were left without jobs. He is a classic bully and, frankly, the thought that he might be our president terrifies me.
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