Interview: Joanna Haigh, Physicist

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Interview: Joanna Haigh, Physicist

Postby Proofrdr » 29 Oct 2013, 23:35

When I awake before 5 AM, I often listen to BBC America on National Public Radio until it's a reasonable time to get up. This morning, I heard a very interesting interview with Joanna Haigh, a British physicist, head of department and professor of atmospheric physics at Imperial College London, President of the Royal Meteorological Society, Editor of the Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, Fellow of the Royal Society, CBE, etc. You get the idea; she has her chops.

She talked about solar variability and climate modeling, about being an expert in a field that many people simply disbelieve, and about being a woman in a leadership role in field of study dominated by men. I found it very interesting on all three topics. She is quite engaging, and Jim al-Khalili, himself a physicist, is an excellent interviewer.

You can listen to it here under the title Discovery: Joanna Haigh 28 Oct or you can read it here.
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