Review: The Intersection of Law and Desire by J. M. Redmann

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Review: The Intersection of Law and Desire by J. M. Redmann

Postby ElaineB » 08 Jan 2012, 10:09


The Intersection of Law and Desire
No. 3 in the Micky Knight series
Author: J. M. Redmann
Bold Strokes Books, 2009

Overall: 3+stars

Blurb: It is fall in the steamy underworld of New Orleans, the seasons are changing, and so is tough detective Micky Knight’s life. Micky takes on the case of the daughter of a friend, who is believed to be sexually abused, not knowing that the investigation will lead her on a dangerous sexual odyssey. In Cissy’s sleepless nights, Micky sees echoes of her own past, and she becomes caught up in a world where young girls are treated as commodities. While doing battle with seedy thugs and struggling to hold on to her rocky relationship with Dr. Cordelia James, Micky travels between the uptown opulence of the Sans Parel Club, one of New Orleans’s exclusive private clubs, and a tawdry hole of a bar near the Desire Projects. Evil exists in both places, and the mystery culminates where law and desire intersect.

This, the third Micky Knight mystery, did not disappoint, much.

There is always so much you can say about a Micky Knight book. Redmann delves into the dark recesses of the human mind in disturbing and exhilarating ways. This continues the evolution of Micky and her ongoing grapple with her past. It's a pretty tough read, the topic is child sexual trafficking, though she does pull some punches. Nothing horribly graphic, but you get the idea, and it's disgusting. "Law and justice aren't the same thing," Micky says. And Redmann isn't lulled into thinking there are happy endings all around. Some aspects went over the top for me, some characters were a tad out of character, even Micky was a bit dumber than I expected, but Micky Knight is literary crack.

I do wish Redmann had included an acknowledgments page. I'd have liked a word or two about why she chose this subject. I fear that it's easy to read fiction and think, well, that was horrible. Good thing it's fiction. I know this is not. I know this goes on every day in every corner of our weird little world. I like that I was forced to look at it. I like that power in fiction. I would know better than to watch a documentary or read a nonfiction book on the subject. I didn't know what this would be about other than Micky Knight would be on the case and I'd, frankly, follow her anywhere. Can Micky, or I, make a difference? Maybe not. Maybe. But nothing can change if we aren't first aware that it exists.
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