Review: Taken by Surprise by Kenna White

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Review: Taken by Surprise by Kenna White

Postby deej » 08 Jan 2012, 11:25


Title: Taken by Surprise 3stars
Author: Kenna White
Publisher: Bella 2010
Genre: Lesfic
Overall: 3+stars
Writing: 3stars
Plot: 4stars
Characters (development, believability): 3stars
Romance element (believability, rapport): 3stars
Meaning of life: 4stars
Sexual content: Yes, but not graphic

Snow is falling around the Aspen cabin that Leigh Insley never has time to visit. As winter gathers closer she wonders if it might finally be time to sell her getaway retreat. It’s only a few hours from Denver, true, but her career as a corporate lawyer has left her little time to enjoy it, and the years have ticked by, almost unnoticed.

Snow and ice are part of Margo Tosch. She’s been on skis since she could strap them to her boots, and her love of the sport has taken her around the world. Now, as snowplow driver, ski instructor and shopkeeper, this Jill-of-all-trades has carved a life for herself and her daughter in the mountains she loves, where the isolation lets her keep her secrets to herself.

When their paths cross in the high-mountain air, city-dweller Leigh is certain she has nothing in common with this rustic mountain woman named Margo. But even the frostiest of hearts can be taken by surprise.

I enjoy Kenna White's writings, and eagerly looked forward to this latest book. The plot moved along crisply right up to page 224, and from there we looked back on the outcome, instead of reading the details for the main event as they happened. As a reader I felt cheated, and yet I enjoyed the book anyway. I would definitely recommend it for an afternoon's reading.
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Re: Review: Taken by Surprise by Kenna White

Postby gill » 17 Jun 2012, 21:17

How did you feel cheated Deej? I haven't read this yet. I think it won the Lammy so I am considering buying it but thought I'd check out your review first. Not sure if I want a book that plays tricks.
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