Review: Building Character by Kate Genet

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Review: Building Character by Kate Genet

Postby tanager » 12 Sep 2013, 00:47

In Building Character by Kate Genet, Fen Marshal is a successful author and a bit of an eccentric recluse who interacts with people solely at her own convenience. In her current work she creates a character that mesmerizes her to such a degree that the creation steps out from her mind and into the physical world - just as Fen has envisioned her: blonde, buxom, sexy, ruthless, and wild. Ruby, the manifested, starts out as a wonderful sex partner for Fen, but Ruby is not content to simply be a toy and soon starts to exert control over the relationship. What begins as a wonderful sex fantasy soon begins to slide towards horror as Ruby interacts and seeks to control Fen's world.

I really like the premise of the novel and had hoped that the story would be promising. Mm… well… I think that the story could have been really good, but I feel like the author published with little to no editing. Indeed, the text is competent, but filled with spelling errors and the writing is uneven. The story is told from the point-of-view of various characters, some of whom are fairly one dimensional. So, whereas the narration might flesh out the character, instead you end with a lot of repetition. Overall, I feel that the potential that was dangling from the limb of the tree of Wow, while visible, remains unplucked.

There is a lot of explicit sex in this novel - vivid descriptions of intimate interactions. Heck! That’s one of the reasons why I chose to read the novel. Once again, the scenes were done competently - the scenes often advanced an understanding of a character. Frankly though, I found some scenes to be a little boring. Okay… Sex is not always magical, but it sure as hell should be when you are reading about it. I’m still trying to understand what ingredients are required to make it magical. Detailed flow diagrams of each physical touch from arousal to release, however, does not seem to work. On the other hand, I found that sex scenes which included a power struggle of some sort to be more effective - a sprinkling of D/s always adds a little flavor. More generally, I think perhaps, it is necessary for there to be a moment of discovery during the arousal in order for the reader to connect.

I believe that I would consider reading more stories by Kate Genet, but I may need a solid, creative, unique premise to inspire me.

How this book ranks among the last five I have read:
1. Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro
2. Cage the Darlings - Elora Bishop
3. Oh Claire! - Giulia Napoli
4. Building Character - Kate Genet
5. Silver Moon - Catherine Lundoff

Thanks for reading!
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