Authors cannot review books on Amazon

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Authors cannot review books on Amazon

Postby FranW » 02 Jan 2013, 08:43

In case y'all haven't heard, Amazon has 'dealt with' the minor problem of authors reviewing their own books (five stars!! best book evah!!!!1!!11!!!) or revenge-reviewing other people's books (1star! book sucks! it must! the author once gave my book a bad review!) by banning all authors from writing reviews of other books "in their genre", and deleting all their existing reviews.

Yes, they really are this stupid.

How do they define genre? Is lesfic a genre? What if the author publishes under a pseudonym?

Authors have, predictably, been unimpressed.

Amazon has now admitted that it has introduced a ban on authors leaving reviews about other people's books in the same genre because they may pose a “conflict of interest” and cannot be impartial about their rivals.

This means that thriller writers are prevented from commenting on works by other authors who write similar books.

Critics suggest this system is flawed because many authors are impartial and are experts on novels.

In recent weeks, some authors said they had more than 50 reviews deleted without notice, provoking waves of critical comments and posts on blogs and internet forums. ... kdown.html
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Re: Authors cannot review books on Amazon

Postby Baker » 02 Jan 2013, 10:22

Gosh, that looks like a foolproof, well-thought out policy. :no:
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Re: Authors cannot review books on Amazon

Postby PaulaO » 02 Jan 2013, 12:08

Yet another reason to hate
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Re: Authors cannot review books on Amazon

Postby ElaineB » 03 Jan 2013, 07:38

I'd read it also affected friends and family of authors, though how they'd police that, I'm not sure. I expected some of mine would come down (not that anyone cares about lesfic reviews) because I do state when I have a connection to an author, say, was a beta reader.

I just wish people would respect the process and not abuse it. I don't even look at Amazon reviews when I'm considering a book. Oh, I might check them out but only if they have some 3-star reviews. If they are all or mostly 5 stars, I ignore them.

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