On being a writer

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On being a writer

Postby FranW » 08 Mar 2014, 07:49

This article makes for some very thoughtful reading -- the need for writers to have money. Starving in a garret while producing masterpieces, or working three jobs while raising kids and writing best sellers during your lunch breaks.... just doesn't happen. Art requires patrons.

In this world where women will sit around discussing the various topiary shapes of their bikini waxes, the conversation about money (or privilege) is the one we never have. Why? I think it’s the Marie Antoinette syndrome: those with privilege and luck don’t want the riffraff knowing the details. After all, if ‘those people” understood the differences in our lives, they might revolt. Or, God forbid, not see us as somehow more special, talented and/or deserving than them....In my opinion, we do an enormous “let them eat cake” disservice to our community when we obfuscate the circumstances that help us write, publish and in some way succeed.

http://beyondthemargins.com/2013/12/the ... ever-have/
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