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Terms of Agreement

Postby deej » 20 Mar 2010, 04:35

Mission Statement

The purpose of this Forum is to promote Lesbian Fiction and allow like minded individuals a place to relax and have fun while sharing information and discussing both reading and writing lesbian fiction.

Terms of Use Agreement

Registration and membership are FREE!

Who Can Become a Member

Anyone who is at least 18 years of age and has a valid email address.


This is a private online forum owned and managed by the Lesbian Fiction Forum. As such, membership is granted as a privilege solely and exclusively at the discretion of the Forum. Any membership so granted may also be terminated without notice for any reason at the sole discretion of the Forum's Owner and/or Administrators. By your participation, you accept that this is a privately owned forum and that no member has any rights to do anything on this site apart from those privileges the forum’s Administrators bestow on a revocable basis. There are multi-tiered levels of membership within the forum which are granted as a privilege based on visitation and posting history, and subject to the various rules.

Forum Objectives

We have created this forum to provide a friendly, easy-to-navigate online community for lesbian fiction fans/enthusiasts to share useful information about books, writing, craft, and markets/publishers. All participants are welcome so long as they follow the rules and do not do anything to interrupt the flow of good positive information. Lesbian Fiction Forum owns and operates this site as a helpful, fun, and free service for the participants.

Forum membership is not a right, it is a privilege. Along with any forum community comes a set of rules and guidelines that everybody must abide by in order to maintain a helpful, informative and positive atmosphere. The rules are subject to change at any time, and in all cases a moderator’s answer and/or action is final.

Becoming a Member and Choosing a Username

When registering you must provide a valid email address so that the Forum Owner and Administrators can contact you if necessary. You must activate your membership by posting at least once within 7 days of your registration, otherwise your account will be deleted. If you have no intention of posting messages, please DO NOT REGISTER, as inactive accounts will be deleted.

Please choose a user-name that is not vulgar of offensive – user names are on public view to internet browsers of all ages. To limit confusion you may be asked not to use a username someone else has already chosen even if spelled differently or is very similar sounding to one someone else has already chosen.

Posting Rules

Members are solely responsible for the content, although not the ownership, of their posts. Personal attacks against another member, flaming or baiting another member, constant criticism of another member, racism, and posts in bad taste are unacceptable and will be censored and/or removed. Likewise, spam and other forms of spam advertisement are unacceptable.

Most, but not all, of the forum is freely available for public viewing by both members and non-members. Sections such as the fiction writing critique sub-forum, book review sub-forum, and erotica discussion sub-forum are private and password-protected. Multi-tiered levels of membership restricts access to the non-public sections. Access to these sections is granted as a privilege based on an individual member’s interests, level of activity, and posting history, at the discretion of the Administrators or sub-forum Moderators. Posts in private sections of the forum are not to be copied and placed on the public section of the forum. In addition, they are not to be crossposted on another forum or website, or made available to anyone other than a registered member of that private forum section, by anyone but the original author of the post.

The forum administrators reserve the right to move, edit, or delete links, posts and/or threads for any reason without notice or explanation. Questions or discussions about such actions or any other forum management-related issues are to be sent by forum members via private email or private messages to a Moderator or Administrator. These messages are subject to the same expectations of civility and courtesy as forum posts. Please respect the wishes of your hosts and do not begin discussions of forum administration on the open board. Please also do your hosts the courtesy of assuming that any unanticipated problems with log-ins, passwords, forum access, etc are likely to be inadvertent and due to forum glitches, failures of internet providers to deliver emails in a timely manner, etc, rather than deliberate or malicious acts on the part of the Forum Administrators.

If a complaint is of serious abuse (eg ‘spam’ crossposted throughout multiple forums, continued and obvious abuse to other members, etc.) we may terminate your account without prior notice. In the case of abuse or harassment, the Forum may, upon request, supply details about posts, IP addresses, and other available information to the victim of the harassment so that they may take legal action as appropriate.

Copyright Material

Do not post copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or you have prior consent from the owner of such material.

Moderators and Administrators

Any member who wishes to have their membership status altered (including access to a private section of the forum, temporary inactive status, or deletion) must make a written request to an Administrator. Membership deletion is permanent; the Administrators will also remove the member’s user profile information and password. However, by registering with this forum, you agree that the forum may hold your posts until the Administrators feel they are no longer required. As with other forum administration matters, all requests for membership changes must be sent via email.

Members who repeatedly post abusive messages or otherwise contravene forum regulations may be temporarily inactivated or permanently deleted. Re-registration of a member who has been deleted at the discretion of the Administrators will not be permitted.
Moderators and Administrators are members like you. And like you, they are to be treated with respect at all times. They also have a right to opinions of their own which may or may not reflect the opinions of the Forum. Moderators and Administrators are volunteers who donate their time and receive no monetary compensation.

Forum Administrators and Moderators will strive at all times to be as consistent in their decisions as possible. Members by their participation, acknowledge that the actions of those charged with running this forum are undertaken with an objective desire, but a subjective eye, and agree to accept these decisions as final.

Member's Responsibilities

Membership is individual and not to be shared. Please keep your password safe and private. The Forum Owner/Administrators cannot access your password. If you forget your password, please contact an Administrator and they will assist you in changing it.
ALL MEMBERS must have a VALID EMAIL address on file with the Forum in order for the Administration to contact them if the need should present itself.

If any member wishes their account to be deleted, they may make a request to a forum Administrator. The request must be sent via email.

You agree to follow all rules and guidelines as set forth in this terms of use agreement. Any person who becomes or is a registered member must agree to the terms of this agreement and by so doing will be bound by all rules and guidelines as set forth within it.

Member's Acceptance

By registering to become a member of this Forum you agree to abide by all the terms as set forth in this Terms of Use Agreement and the phpBB Forumer user requirements. Failure to do so can and may lead to your suspension or termination as a member of The Lesbian Fiction Forum.

You agree through your use of this service that you will not use this forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, plagiarized, abusive, hateful, pornographic, obscene, offensive, threatening, invasive of a person’s privacy, or in violation of any law of the country in which you live. To ensure compliance of these requirements, the phpBB Forumer system records the IP addresses via which all messages are posted.

The Forum reserves the right to change this terms of use agreement without notification and members have the responsibility to keep up to date with the terms in this Terms of Use Agreement. Any changes made to this document in whole or in part are considered retroactive and thus are instantly enforced and are considered to have been in force since this document’s execution. The above conditions apply to all members retrospectively, regardless of registration/posting dates.

A current copy of this document can be found in the Admin section of the forum where it is publicly accessible to all current and prospective members.

L-J Baker
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