How Do I Join?

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How Do I Join?

Postby Baker » 28 Oct 2012, 07:57

We currently do not have an open registration policy because of the avalanche of spam we receive. However we are open to new members--who are human beings. Most people will arrive here via word of mouth. If you know a member and wish to join, ask her for the email addy of a moderator or admin and we'll be happy to hear from you. Failing that, anyone who arrives here by a different method can contact us to ask about joining at this email address: LFF_admin at

Thanks. :welcome:

Please note: when I open the registration, it is for the purpose of allowing a specific person to join. I will look for the username s/he gives me, and delete everything else. So, if you tried to register during a phase where the registration was open, but had your account deleted, it's not personal. I don't have the time to go through every one of the many, many spam registrants we get to see if any of them are genuine. Please contact us using the email addy above and let us know you'd like to join. Thanks.
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