When Board Etiquette Is Breached

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When Board Etiquette Is Breached

Postby deej » 20 Mar 2010, 06:50


This is just a note intended to demystify some procedures that happen when there is a breach of board etiquette.

If someone makes a post that contains something you find offensive, inform a moderator and/or me.

We will have a look at the post in question. If we feel that it is not in good taste and/or inappropriate, one of us will contact the poster and discuss the matter with her.

Any thread containing an offensive post will be locked. This means no more posts can be made to the thread. This prevents matters escalating. The moderator can, at her discretion, delete the post in its entirely or edit out the offensive remarks.

The ideal response is an apology and/or explanations or clarification to clear the air and we go back to what we were doing.

In the case of intransigence or repeat behaviour, the member can have their login temporarily suspended to allow them to cool off. Depending on how they respond to email correspondence concerning the issue, they can choose to not continue to participate in the forum or I can re-activate their login.

Obviously, we don't like taking these actions and hope we don't have cause to in future. But we take the harmony of our community seriously.

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