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Forum Disabled

Postby Baker » 12 May 2010, 10:07

Sorry about the lack of access to the forum earlier.

The problem was wholly unanticipated, so we had no time to warn anyone what was coming.

The server the forum is hosted on had a glitch. (For the techies, they were rebuilding the Raid array. Presumably in response to a problem they had wtih it.)

They offered us the opportunity to move the forum to a different server, which we accepted. We reasoned that the server we had been on had experienced a problem or two since the forum has been live, so it would be worth the gamble to try a different server. The move required us to put the forum offline for a while.

Deej sent a notification email out to as many members as she could. Sorry if we missed you.

Again, my apologies for the interruption and the lack of warning.

Let's hope it's plain sailing from now on.
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