Historical transgender story up now on my blog:

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Historical transgender story up now on my blog:

Postby Sacchi » 04 Dec 2011, 17:30


In honor of the passage of the transgender non-discrimination bill in Massachusetts, I’ve been wanting to share this story I wrote (under my alter-ego’s name) for my first anthology, Rode Hard, Put Away Wet. Not a winter holiday story, although there is certainly snow.

A bit of background: it’s estimated that as many as 400 women served as soldiers in the Civil War in the US, on both sides. Some went to be near husbands or lovers, but many seized the chance to live, however dangerously, as men. Some were exposed when they were wounded, some long afterward when they died after maintaining a masculine identity for the rest of their lives, and some must have gone on to live life on their own terms and never be questioned. This is a story of one who went west and found everything he needed.
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Re: Historical transgender story up now on my blog:

Postby sbarret » 15 Dec 2011, 13:11

Ooo good idea! I have one of those squirreled away for an anthology that never saw the light of day. Need to past that somewheres too...
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