Erotica Out Loud!

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Erotica Out Loud!

Postby Sacchi » 24 Dec 2011, 05:40

I just found out accidentally that My Lesbian Cowboys anthology is now available from I'd love to hear the stories, but I don't have any of the gizmos they mention, Ipods, etc. Still, I just listened to their sample on my Macbook, and my introduction sounds fantastic in the sexy narrator's voice. Check it out!

(I'd love to buy a copy as a gift for someone who could listen and might post an opinion/rating on the site. Any takers? I could manage two.)
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Re: Erotica Out Loud!

Postby Baker » 26 Dec 2011, 08:40

That's cool. It must be ... different to hear your text spoken by a stranger.

I do have such a gizmo, but you know I'm not much of an erotica fan, so I wouldn't be a good person to give you useful feedback, Sacch. I'm sure someone here will enjoy listening to this. :-)
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