Going, Going, Gone: BK3 Clarksonville Series

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Going, Going, Gone: BK3 Clarksonville Series

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Susie Torres planned on spending most of the summer before her senior year of high school with her girlfriend, Marlee McAllister, but that's proving to be quite challenging because Marlee works at D'Amico's restaurant, and Susie babysits for Mrs. Johnson, her mother's boss. Susie hates the job, because she not only works like a slave, but gets paid like one. Susie is desperate to take her physical relationship with Marlee further, but she knows she has to go at Marlee's slower pace. Complicating things is the attention that a pretty blonde softball player from another team shows Marlee, and Susie falls into a funk when Marlee seems to enjoy it. On top of that, nothing she does seems to be good enough for her summer softball coach. Frustrated with life, Susie accidentally on purpose comes out to her mother. It would be an understatement to say that her mother didn't take it well. Can Susie deal with a girlfriend whose head has possibly been turned by another, an employer who treats her like dirt, a coach who doesn't respect her, and a mother who tells her she is unnatural? Can she get her life back on track before senior year starts?

Publication date: 01/10/2012
ISBN: 978-1-61929-009-9
Also available in E-Book format.
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