2011 Progress and Conclusion

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Re: 2011 Progress and Conclusion

Postby deej » 01 Dec 2011, 00:11

Progress is a good thing. Congrats Andain. :-)
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Re: 2011 Progress and Conclusion

Postby ezimmer » 10 Dec 2011, 17:25

Good job to everyone who participated in NaNo this year!

I love NaNoWriMo and have a friend who has participated and won the challenge 8 years. I'm so impressed by her.

Myself, I won the challenge in 2009 but but didn't succeed in 2010 or 2011. Both years I ended up moving in the middle of the month and i just trashed my writing schedule. Still glad I tried it and have a couple of interesting book starts to pick up and finish one of these days.
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